ilk x Padmore & Barnes

Stitching pieces of soft suede together, painstakingly lining up edges with millimetre perfection and joining them with some of the finest materials in the world - that’s how the ilk x Padmore & Barnes shoes have been made.

Here’s the low down on the first ever collaboration between this legendary shoe manufacturer and an Irish brand.

The ilk x Padmore & Barnes collaboration has been 21 years in the making as the legendary Irish shoe manufacturer works alongside an Irish brand for the very first time. With our studios only two hours apart, and our values even closer, this collaboration is a natural fit.

Working with Padmore & Barnes represents a milestone for us - good products, made well is what we’re all about, and they’ve been leading the way in Ireland since the 60s. Finding something you love and buying it knowing that it’s going to last a long time just makes sense, so blending our values with theirs seemed almost too obvious.

Padmore & Barnes are true originals, they were the first to make the iconic Wallabee in their factory on the banks of the River Nore in Kilkenny. Using only high quality materials and constructing their shoes with precise techniques, the shoemakers in the Marble City crafted shoes that went on to create a global brand.

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P204 Wallabee Mocassin – Grain

P204 Wallabee Mocassin – Stout

Not only does this collaboration highlight both of us, but we also want to bring attention to Irish design on a whole. From fashion and art, to jewellery makers and craftspeople, our island is packed full with amazing talent. This is the first step in creating a community of collaborators - sharing insights and bringing out the best of what and who we have here.

Hand finished suede

Durable crepe sole made with the sap of the Heva tree

The ilk x Padmore & Barnes shoe is a handstitched moccasin based on their classic design that’s been the highlight of many people’s wardrobe for over 60 years. The durable crepe sole is made with the sap of the Heva tree offering a level of comfort and longevity that others just can’t. Finished in a soft suede they’re adaptable - suitable for dressing up for a special event or meeting up with mates down the pub - much like the rest of our collection.

Residents of the town of Felgueiras in northern Portugal have made each of these 48 pairs of shoes in Grain and Stout by hand in their factory. The colours are a nod to Dundalk’s and Kilkenny’s beer brewing heritage. The workers are experts who meticulously perfect the smallest of details to make sure that these shoes are the best you’ll ever wear.

Finished in a soft suede they’re adaptable - suitable for dressing up for a special event or meeting up with mates for a drink. A laser-etched ilk logo on the heel and branded fob make these a collector’s item.

Nowadays Padmore & Barnes maintain their impeccable high standards by working alongside factories in Portugal, just like we do. Their work hasn’t gone unnoticed with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world vying to collaborate with them. You’ll spot their shoes on the streets of Tokyo, at Cannes Film Festival, in the world’s greatest stores and now, also on our site.

World Famous For Comfort

The original moccasin

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