The Miwa

Inspired by a chance meeting with a Japanese fabric supplier in Paris, we instantly fell in love with her and her fabrics.

As we designed these shirts, we discovered that the fabrics we chose were her personal favourites,
so we decided to name the shirts after her.

This is the Miwa.

The materials

Allowing the fabric to guide her, our designer, Siranee has produced the Miwa in two distinct and unique variations; a check blend of cotton, linen and wool, and a navy high-density water-repellent cotton.

We pride ourselves on creating longevity through quality and these materials align with our ethos.

Concealed button stand

Engraved mother of pearl buttons

Using the same smart textiles as Japanese Antarctic researchers and Royal Air Force Pilots, our navy Miwa keeps you dry on rainy days and even helps keep the wind out. Durable and stylish, this shirt can be worn
in any climate and situation.

Made from a striking blend of cotton, linen and wool, our check Miwa with its imperfect pattern embraces the principles of wabi-sabi. Centred on the view of appreciating and finding the beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete the check Miwa perfectly communicates this through its delicate pattern.

How the Miwa fits

“Being of Asian-Irish heritage, I’m aware that traditionally, shapes in the East tend to have a looser fit, with soft, fluid lines so this was my starting point”, notes Siranee.

“I found a balance to allow the fabric and shape
to complement each other harmoniously.”

The Miwa is an oversized shirt with a dropped sleeve for a generous, relaxed fit. “I wanted to honour these fabrics through the silhouette.”

The attention to details

Like everything we make, the details are what make the Miwa an ilk piece. From the pointed collar to concealed button stand and rounded pen pocket, the shirt is finished to an incredibly high standard.

The triangle gussets and the inner pocket patch have been created using a different woven check with a slightly denser pattern giving very subtle and beautiful nuances.

How to wear the Miwa

The Miwa has been designed to layer perfectly with the ilk wardrobe.
Our minimal, trans-seasonal pieces, when layered together, create a variety of different looks, both casual and smart.

Miwa means love, peace and harmony - qualities that we’ve brought to the Miwa.

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Miwa Check with Jocelyn Jacket in Sand

Miwa Check with Jocelyn Jacket in Indigo